Terms of use

Welcome to use the products of Ubtech Robotics Corp. (hereinafter referred to as "UBTECH" or "We")!

The Terms of Use apply to users of UBTECH, and the products, functions, applications, services, technologies and software (collectively referred to as "Universal Products" or "Products") provided by us, but We expressly stipulate that those applying other terms (not the terms set out herein) are excluded herein.

1. Our Services

Our mission: Introduce intelligent robots into people's life and enable users to enjoy the convenience of intelligent robots. To fulfill this mission, We offer our customers the following products and services:

Provide users with a diverse range of products and experiences:

Starting from the research and development of the servo motor of humanoid robot, UBTECH has gradually introduced the consumer-grade humanoid robot Alpha series, the STEM educational intelligent programming robot Jimu, the intelligent cloud platform commercial service robot Cruzr, the First Order Stormtrooper robot developed under cooperation with Disney, and various other products. The products have various features such as visual programming, read-back programming, speech recognition, image recognition, face recognition and human-computer interaction, with various application scenarios such as education, entertainment, and service, providing different experiences for users.

Give users the power to express themselves and express their opinions on things they care about:

During the use of UBTECH products, users can express themselves in a variety of ways, and communicate with their friends, family and others about the things they care about, for example, sharing works, photos, or videos with a single friend in the user community, sending messages to multiple users or adding content to users' personal home pages. We have developed and will continue to explore new technologies for users, such as AR (Augmented Reality), to create and share more expressive and interesting content in the community.

Fight harmful behaviors and protect and support our products:

People are willing to use UBTECH products only if they feel safe. We employ a dedicated team around the world and develop advanced technology systems to detect illegal use of our products, behaviors harmful to others, and the condition where We can take actions to support or protect personal data. If We become aware of such content or behavior, We will take appropriate actions (for example, to provide assistance, disable the account, or contact law enforcement agency). When We detect violations or harmful behaviors by users of our products, We will share relevant data with others.

Use and develop advanced technologies to provide safe and practical services for everyone:

We use and develop cutting-edge technologies (such as artificial intelligence, machine learning systems, and augmented reality) to enable people to experience face recognition and human-machine conversation, and safely use our products. We also build sophisticated networking and communications technologies to network people in restricted access areas. Moreover, we develop automated systems to better detect and remove violations and hazardous activities, and to prevent them from harming the credibility of our products.

Study ways to improve our services:

We conduct research and collaborate with others to improve our products. One of the ways is to analyze the data We have and understand how people use our products.

Achieve global access to services:

To operate globally, We need to store and distribute content and data in our data centers and systems around the world (including other countries/regions other than the countries/regions where users live). This infrastructure may be operated or controlled by UBTECH.

2. Our Data Usage Policy and User Privacy Options

We collect and use users' personal information to provide the above-mentioned services to users. To understand how We collect and use user data, please refer to our data usage policy.A user can enjoy all rights after agreeing to all the terms set out herein, and must fulfill all obligations and assume community responsibilities.

3. Rules on the Use of Products and Services

UBTECH's privacy protection states how We collect and use user information. You warrant that you have fully understood and agree that UBTECH may process user information accordingly before the of UBTECH products and services.

4. User's Rights and Responsibilities

After a user registers an account, UBTECH must give the user a user account and corresponding password. The user account and password are kept by the user; the user is legally responsible for all activities and events carried out in the user account.

Once a user has registered an UBTECH account, the user has the right to use any individual service of each channel of UBTECH via this account. When a user uses any individual service of UBTECH, the user is deemed agreeing to the terms of use on such individual service, and the various types of announcements issued by UBTECH in this individual service.

5. Our Rights and Responsibilities (including the content of responsibility exemption)

If We determine that a user has violated our terms or policies explicitly, seriously, or repeatedly, We will freeze or permanently disable the user's access to his/her account. We may also freeze or disable a user's account as required by law. Where appropriate, We will issue a freeze or disable notification the next time the user accesses the account. Users can learn more about what they can do if their accounts are disabled, and how to contact us if they believe that our disabling of their accounts is wrong.

6. The Terms of Use are effective as of the date of publication and will be announced in the APP if amended.

Latest revision date: June 28, 2018